Congratulations Nower Hill High School – A Level Results

In a year where results were expected to fall nationally after a 2 year absence of externally assessed exams, Nower Hill students have bucked the trend and delivered the school’s best ever A Level results, better even than the past 2 years of Centre Assessed Grades! We could not be more proud of our young people and send them our heartfelt congratulations.

We are in awe of the determination, resilience and optimism of our students who in spite of all the disruption to their education over the past two and a half years, have excelled. 45% of all grades were at A*/A and 70% of all grades at A* to B; that really is a remarkable achievement for a cohort of students sitting public examinations for the first time. The best possible outcome is that our young people leave us so well equipped to take their next steps, with them all going on to a variety of exciting university and apprenticeship courses.

Building the skills and confidence to ensure excellence and success is of course, very much a community effort and we feel very fortunate indeed to have such a strong school community, where everyone is invested in the success and achievement of our young people. I would like to extend the most sincere thanks to our very hard working staff, both those in the classroom and all the support staff who help to create such a positive and welcoming environment for our students and enable the school to run so smoothly. A huge thank you as well to all of our wonderful parents and carers, who always work so collaboratively with us in the best interests of their children and have offered their unconditional support over the past 7 years. Finally, thank you to the students themselves who have been an absolute joy to work with and have kept their ‘eyes on the prize’, rather than succumbing to much of the negative reporting around the difficulties that this particular cohort of students have faced. They have learned the very important life lesson that hard work really pays off, whatever the circumstances!

“Each and every one of our young people should be proud of what they have achieved and I hope there will be many joyous family celebrations tonight! Our very best wishes to them all as they progress to the next stage of their lives,” Louise Voden, Headteacher.

We would like to share with you just a few of our many individual success stories…

“I am ecstatic about my results. Hard work really does pay off!” Mathuyan who will be going to Warwick University.

“So grateful for the endless support from teachers and friends. Could not have done it without you!” Daisy, going on to read English at Exeter University.

“I am pleased about my results and could not be more proud of myself. I would just like to say a huge thank you to the sixth form team. Always there to support me and allow me to achieve the results that I did. And making me push myself in challenging times,” Lucas, who will be going to Leeds University to read Geography with Transport.

“I am very happy about my results and pleased to start a degree apprenticeship with the Met police shortly,” Ethan.

I am happy with my results and feel that Nower Hill has allowed me to achieve my potential after moving here for the sixth form,” Evelyn, who is going to Southampton University to study Chemical Engineering.

“Very happy with results, thanks teachers!” Oliver, who is looking forward to reading Medicine at Newcastle University.

I’m very happy and relieved! Very excited. Thanks for all the school support!” Megan, who will be reading Medicine at Imperial.

So happy that I got A, A, B. Nower Hill helped me every step of the way and I’ve loved the last 7 years here,” Demi, who is going on to study Law at Kent University.

“Very happy to be off to go do the course of my dreams at an amazing university – Medicine at UCL. So grateful. Thank you teachers!” Abishah.

I am so happy that all the hard work paid off and want to thank all the teachers for their support through A levels,” Chloe who will be reading Psychology in Education at Loughborough University.