Waxwell Lane Car Park Development is Named – Pinnora Mews

Following a recent on line poll carried out last month, the following names were submitted to the Street Naming and Numbering Authority at Harrow Council.

  • Pinn Mews
  • Langham Mews
  • Pinnora Mews

Pinn Mews and Langham Mews were rejected by the authority. (The Royal Mail, emergency services and utility companies all get a say in the name.)

Pinnora Mews was approved.  (Pinner was originally a hamlet, first recorded in 1231 as Pinnora, although the already archaic -ora (meaning ‘hill’) suggests its origins lie no later than circa 900.)



Name Waxwell Lane Car Park Development – Results

The votes are in…..

The favourite name was Pinn Mews (29 Votes) followed by Langham Mews (24 Votes)

Some of the other suggestions were

  • Car Parky McCarpark /Parky McParkface  – 8 votes
  • Waxwell Mews – unfortunately now days you can’t have a new development with a similar name to the road that is it’s access point
  • Oddfellows Mews/Court/Close
  • Wheelbarrow Close
  • Mewsy McMewsface
  • Money in Harrow Councils mews!
  • I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Mews







Help Name the Waxwell Lane Car Park Development.

Harrow Council are looking for your input.  The Pinner Association have provided them with a list of possible names but there may be others that are much more suitable.  If you are interested at the local/reasoning behind the names – click on the document below (Rational behind the names). Please submit your options by 20 January. Thank you

Rational behind the names.

Waxwell Lane Car Park – Work to Resume

We have received noticifaction from Harrow Council Regeneration Team that AMCM (now Claritas) intend to return to the site before the end of the month.

“Good Morning Pinner Association,

I write to provide an update on the Waxwell Lane redevelopment.  I received notification late yesterday from AMCM (who are now known as Claritas) that they intend to return to the Waxwell Lane site before the end of the month.  From next week, the site manager will be on site preparing the site and conducting risk assessments but before they are fully mobilised, Claritas will need to demonstrate to the council and its consultant team that they are compliant with government guidelines on social distancing.

I am in discussion with Claritas about their plans to remobilise and will update you and the Pinner community once I know more.  I just wanted to give you all an early communication. “

We have replied with the following:-

“Thank you for the update and for discussing with Claritas (previously AMCM) how they intend to practice correct social distancing on the site once the work recommences.   I anticipate that we may need to reassure the nearby residents that they will not be put at any additional risk by the construction works, as many are in the age group that have been told that they are particularly at risk from the complications of infection by Covid-19.

We look forward to further updates giving information about the agreed social distancing precautions to be taken on and around the Waxwell Lane car park site and how compliance with these agreed precautions will be verified.”

Waxwell Lane Car Park Development – Update on planned work on the site.

Development Site

The Pinner Association is being briefed at regular meetings with the Project Manager and Contractor (AMCM) for the development of twenty three storey mews style houses on the site of the now closed Waxwell Lane car park.

We have been informed that the work to strip the old tarmac off the areas of the site to be built upon is to start next week (the week beginning 9th December 2019).  This will involve the movement of two large lorries in and out of the site per day, and these vehicles will approach and leave Waxwell Lane via Bridge Street.

In January the piling work will start for a period of approximately two weeks, and this may cause some noise audible outside the site.  Work will not start before 8 am and will end by 6 pm (Monday to Friday) and 1 pm (Saturday).

When very large equipment is being manoeuvred on and off the site the parking bays outside the Police Station in Waxwell Lane will be temporarily suspended.

The AMCM  have assured us that they will be abiding by the requirements of the “Considerate Constructors Scheme”.

Waxwell Lane Car Park will be permanently shut from the end of October.

The Pinner Association have been informed by Harrow Council that the Waxwell Lane car park will be closing at the end of the month with the main contractor for the building works, to construct twenty mews style town houses, taking ownership of the site with immediate effect.   This will mean that access will be unavailable for any vehicles and persons from 31 October 2019, apart from the contractor’s staff working at the site.

We have been told several times previously that the Waxwell Lane car park was to close, and on each occasion the closure has been delayed.  However, this time it appears that the car park really will shut permanently at the end of this month.