69 West End Lane

The variation to the Planning Application was published, but as the details were inaccessible via the web, the Association has written to the council as follows:

The Pinner Association Executive Committee discussed application P/0531/15 – 69, West End Lane, Pinner – Variation Of Condition 2 (Approved Plans) Attached To Planning Permission P/4500/14 Dated 16/01/2015 To Allow The Re-Positioning Of The Main Entrance Door On The Front Elevation At Ground Floor Level – at its meeting yesterday.  However, as the plans are still not displaying correctly (or at all) on the Harrow Council’s Planning website (the error message and page of text is all that displays) our discussion was impeded by a lack of information.
The applicants seek to move the front door for the proposed block of flats from the ground / first floor level (which would require two flights of external steps) to the lower ground / semi basement level (the level of the semi-basement car park).  What is not clear is whether the depth of this lower ground floor / semi-basement level is to be kept to that was proposed and granted on appeal under planning application  P/0905/13/4759 (App/M5450/A/13/2202336).  If the building is to be constructed with a less deep excavation to allow the slope down to the new position for the front entrance to be not too steep then a consequence will be that the ridge height of the 3 ½ storey block would be higher than that in the approved plans as shown on the file for P/0905/13?  Will this be the case?
We would be very grateful if you could arrange for the plans for application P/0531/15 to be viewable on-line and for a confirmation that the ridge height of the building will not exceed that already allowed under P/0905/13/4759.