Sunny Sunday Band Concerts 2016

We were treated to excellent weather for the full series of oncerts un the park which attracted capacity audiences on each occasion. Starting off with Grimsdyke Brass on 31 July we followed  up with the Fats Rollini Jazz and Blues Band, the  Harrow Concert Band and nded the series with the Stardust Big Band all the concerts being enthusiastically received by those attending.  They fully  deserved to be.

Grimsdyke Brass on 31 July
Grimsdyke Brass on 31 July



Followed by Fats Rollini
Grimsdyke Brass followed by Fats Rollini Jazz and blues band
.. The Harrow concert Band
.. The 40 strong Harrow concert Band
With te Grand Finale by the Stardust Big Band
and rounded offwith a rousing session from the Stardust Big Band