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To paraphrase Michael Caine, “Not a lot of people might know this”, but this week is National Gardening Week. Which seems an appropriate time for me to remind you of how important it is to secure the outside of your property this summer.

Doing so not only keeps your valuables safe in your shed and garage, but is often the first line of defence against burglars trying to enter your home via rear access points.

Keep them out with the following tips:

  • At the front of your house, hedges and walls should be kept low to increase natural surveillance and give burglars nowhere to hide;
  • Side and rear hedges, walls and fences should be higher and topped with trellis, thorny plants or other suitable anti-climb topping;
  • Ensure side gates are locked at all times; open gates are an open invitation for burglars to easily access the rear of your home;
  • Keep power tools and bicycles inside a locked and secured shed.

If you are green-fingered, planting particular shrubs along walls and fences can create a natural defence against burglars and make it harder for them to access your property or even deter them completely.

View the attached document for ideas of what to plant. For further burglary prevention advice, please click here.

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