Replacement Street Trees in Pinner South Ward

Pinner Association members living in some roads in the Pinner South ward will be aware that quite a number of street trees have been felled over the past few months on account of age or disease.  Cllr Richard Almond has been exploring with the Harrow Council Trees Officer the possibility of replacements for these trees.   The offers of trees don’t always turn into fact, but Cllr. Almond has been told that the aim is to replace all the street trees felled for those reasons within three years and he has been invited to suggest specific locations  so that they can be prioritised.

Cllr. Almond would welcome people to contact him via email to suggest potential sites in Pinner South for a replacement street tree where a street tree has been removed :

[email protected]

Cllr Almond will visit the sites put forward and compile a list, giving priority to the roads which now look the barest in general so that they can look forward to having some trees at least in the next planting season.  He asks those suggesting potential sites for a replacement street tree to bear in mind the timescale given.