Protect Yourself from Holiday Fraud

Dear Watch Member,

This year hasn’t brought us the best weather so far. So you can’t be blamed for wanting to escape to somewhere warmer. And finding a bargain makes booking a holiday even sweeter.

Unfortunately, criminals want to sell you fake holidays. They’ll use genuine selling sites and social media to advertise. They create fake ads to trick you into sharing your details or sending money. From a caravan on the coast, to an all-inclusive trip abroad, they’ll try to trick you no matter where you want to go. But you can make a few checks to reduce your risk of getting scammed.

  • Carry out thorough checks before you pay. Look at reviews online. Research any privately advertised holidays carefully. Check that any travel agents or tour operators you’re dealing with belong to a reputable trade association.
  • Is there an alternative payment method? Where you can, pay using a debit or credit card. This could offer more protection if you need to dispute the goods or services.
  • Consider if you’re willing to take the risk. If you can’t be sure it’s genuine, think about whether you can afford to lose the money.

For straightforward impartial advice to protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud, please visit the Take Five website.

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