Pinner midsummer d’lights evening Friday 21 June – Can you help?

Pinner Business Club - Midsummer D'lightsPinner Business Club need volunteers to Stewards between 4pm and 10pm, with the actual event programme running 5pm-9pm.

Interested Contact  [email protected]

Stewards will be needed between 4pm and 10pm, with the actual event programme running 5pm-9pm.  Types of stewarding roles needed are:

    • Helping with set-up 4pm-5pm
    • Pavement patrols and general visitor support and advice along both sides of Bridge Street between 5pm and 9.30pm as people disperse
    • Traffic points support – zebra crossings in Bridge Street and generally managing pedestrians at the road junctions of Waxwell Lane, Love Land and Chapel Lane.
    • Helping with clear-up after 9pm
    • Plus of course singing and dancing along to the bands!

Please email   [email protected] to let them know what you would like to be assigned to and what sort of timings would suit you. It is fine also to suggest two different time slots over the period if you want to go off and have something to eat and come back refreshed for another stint.  We will accommodate whatever everyone can manage!  This is very much a trial event as having a musical street party like this has not been done in this way before, and it is a really important opportunity to highlight Pinner’s businesses and attract more visitors not just for one event but for the long term.