Keyless Car Theft Prevention Advice

Dear Watch Member,

If you own a high-value vehicle, it may attract the attention of criminals who take advantage of a vulnerability in keyless entry / start systems using a digital technique called the Relay Attack, which is explained in the attached document.

To deny criminals please follow the below crime prevention advice:

– Car keys should always be kept in a safe and secure location, out of sight and away from windows or letterboxes, as vehicles are sometimes stolen after thieves manage to steal keys placed close to letterboxes or insecure windows and doors, thus enabling them to drive the vehicles away without having to physically break into them.

If your vehicle has a keyless entry system, ensure you place the key in a metal box or a Faraday pouch.

– Don’t leave keys visible in public places, e.g. on tables or in bags. Don’t leave them in pockets in cloakrooms or changing rooms, as they could be taken and used to identify and steal your car from a nearby car park.

– Never hand vehicle keys over to a third party or leave the vehicle unattended at a valet parking or car wash business, or other parking places, where criminals can gain access to the vehicle and code a key electronically.

– Affix a steering wheel lock or other immobiliser to your vehicle.

– Also consider, where possible, fixing a dropdown bollard to your driveway.

If you have any information regarding criminal activity please contact the non-emergency 101 number, complete an online submission form via or anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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