Harrow Council Civic Centre to close at end of January 2023.

From the end of January 2023 Harrow Civic Centre will close.

With 99% of “customer interactions” now online or over the phone, everyday in-person transactions from the end of January will move to Greenhill Library, off College Road. Staff there will offer residents help to do things digitally, including setting up cashless payments for rent, fines, Council Tax and more.

Complex and urgent in-person enquiries for housing and social care will move to a new customer reception, on Gayton Road in the town centre. Offices next door will become the new home of Citizens Advice Harrow.

From Spring 2023, registering of births, deaths and marriages will move to ‘The Pavilion’ – offices next door to Greenhill Library. Civil marriage and citizenship ceremonies will also be performed at The Pavilion.

The Mayors Parlour will relocate to Harrow Arts Centre and Council and committee meetings have already been relocated to new venues.

Most Council staff, including those who manage the thousands of digital interactions from residents, now use an office building at the Council’s depot on Forward Drive as their base.

For further information go to:  https://www.harrow.gov.uk/council/closing-harrow-civic-centre