Fraud Prevention

Dear Watch Member,

The summary details the amount of reports made by residents of Harrow to Action Fraud, how much money has been reported lost and the top fraud categories by both volume of reports and amount of money lost.

The data is taken from Action Fraud victim reports, which in itself comes with a couple of caveats;

Firstly, the reports includes those made by companies based in the Borough and they will generally lose more money than individual residents.

Secondly, victims self-report to Action Fraud and the reports aren’t screened for accuracy, so the exact figures reported should be taken with a pinch of salt.

It gives you an indication of what residents in your Borough are reporting and shows what type of frauds & scams are prevalent.

After the figures, the Summary details some of the top scams; describing what they are and how best to defend yourself against them.I have also attached the latest version of our Little book of big scams

(all our leaflets and videos can be found here )

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