Courrier Fraud Awareness

Dear Watch Member,

Fraudsters posing as police officers and bank officials are again targeting elderly residents. They ask victims to hand over cash and bank cards or to purchase high value watches and gold bars, all of which are collected by a courier. 

The fraudster phones you and claims to be from the police or bank. They tell you a convincing story. They may say that there is a problem related to your bank account and that you urgently need to withdraw your money from your bank and give it to a courier who will come to your house to collect it. Sometimes, people are asked to give their bank card to a courier; other times they ask you to buy high value items, such as watches or gold.

Please remember the police or your bank would:

  • never ask you to withdraw money from your account;
  • never ask you to buy high value items;
  • never ask you to give your money or goods to a courier or to send money in the post;
  • never ask you to give your bank card to a courier or to send it in the post.

If you need to check with your bank, remember that fraudsters can hold the line open, so you should use another phone or call someone you know first to check that the line is clear. Alternatively, visit your local bank branch.

To verify a police officer’s details, call 101 and give the name or shoulder number that the officer gave you.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: [email protected]

Lee O’Brien
Pinner Safer Neighbourhood Team
Email: [email protected]