Sunday 7th of June 2015

12:30 – 14:00 (tour starts at 13:00)

All are welcome!

Pinner Park Farm are having an open day to show some of what goes on at the farm and to focus on the stages of growth of cattle.

They hope to have one of their vets on hand to [ultrasound] scan one of the cows, something that is done regularly on the farm to ensure cows are safely back in calf, and then progress to showing the young calves, moving through to yearlings right through to a senior cow and Bull.

Some of the cattle on the farm are prize winning Aberdeen Angus and so the farmers hope to have a demonstration of show preparation where the cattle are washed and dried and prepared for showing.

Please go to the open day and see for yourself the great work that goes on there, meet the farmers and get close to the beautiful cows and calves that live happily on Pinner Park Farm.


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