S/L Brian Lane, DFC: commemoration

On 25th September 2011 a plaque was unveiled in memory of S/L Brian Lane at 17 Barrowpoint Avenue, Pinner, Middx, where he lived as a boy.
The Book of Remembrance in West House, Pinner contains the following entry:

Book of Remembrance

In fact he was a Spitfire pilot in 19 Squadron in Fighter Command. 

The unveiling took place outside  his former house, after short ceremony conducted by the Padre of RAF Northholt in front of a large crowd of all ages, including two Battle of Britain veterans .  The current Commanding Officer of 19 Squadron was in attendance.
Unfortunately due to strong crosswinds at Conningsby the planned flypast by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight had to be cancelled. Nevertheless the Police came to the rescue and their helicopter overflew the gathering in lieu of the BBMF.

The Last Post

and then the plaque was unveiled

The Plaque

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3 Responses to S/L Brian Lane, DFC: commemoration

  1. Michael John Lane says:

    This Post has been re-submitted to correct a spelling error in the original.
    On behalf of the Lane Family I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone at the Pinner Association for their extremely hard work in organising such a memorable day on Sunday, in particular Paul Baderman and all the people who took an active part in the scheduled events of the day. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Patricia Clarke, Jack Wells, Cynthia and Hilary Thornley who took great care of us throughout the day. Hilary in particular went to great efforts to uncover Brians parents Grave in time for the Memorial service and fly-past to their son and I will always be very grateful to him for this act of great kindness. It was a very moving day for us – as it was I am sure for everyone who attended the memorial to my cousin Sq. Ldr Brian John Edward Lane. Thank you also for inviting the family to the reception afterwards which was a most rewarding and enjoyable, a perfect finish to the day. It was of course sad that the fly-past was cancelled, nevertheless safety is paramount, and I thank the local Police and their helicopter pilots for stepping into the breach at such short notice.
    All this helps to keep alive Brian’s name, and that of all the other brave Pilots who sacrificed their lives for their country. They will never ever be forgotten.
    Michael John Lane

  2. Claudia says:

    I have just started learning about Brian and his amazing story. I am a History teacher and will be sharing his story with my year 9 class as they are learning about the Battle of Britain. I have recently bought his book and think it is wonderful that his memory is being kept alive.

  3. Phil says:

    I have an original battered copy of Brian’s book that my father gave me when I was a child. When ever I read it I am in awe of the man and his colleagues. I didn’t realise it had been reprinted and have purchased a new print so I can pass this on to others.
    It is wonderful that he is remembered with plaque and the book being reprinted.

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