Pinner & Pinner South Wards – Burglary Prevention Advice

Message for our local police.

During the month of October ten burglaries occurred in the Pinner area. These offences took place at different times during daylight hours and after the hours of darkness.

Methods of entry to properties varied from forcing open a front door, a rear or side ground-floor window or rear patio doors. Access to the side or rear of a property is often gained by climbing over low gates using unsecured bins in driveways.

As the clocks have now gone back and the dark early evenings are upon us, it can be easier for burglars to identify if a house is unoccupied.

Burglars often knock or ring at the door first, before making efforts to enter the property. So, however you feel safest responding to an unexpected visitor at your door, please do answer it as your presence could be enough of a deterrent.

For those of you who regret answering the door to unwanted cold-callers, consider purchasing a video doorbell that detects movement outside your home, improves its security and allows you to answer the doorbell remotely.

Please do take some time to read the attached burglary prevention advice leaflets and consider what, if any, security vulnerabilities need to be addressed at your home.

Kind regards,

Lee O’Brien PCSO 7562QA
Pinner / Pinner South SNT
E: [email protected]

Banner Advertising on Lampposts – REFUSED

Good news, I have received notification from Harrow Council that the planning application for putting advertising banners on the Lamp posts of Bridge Street, Elm Park Road and Love Lane has been refused.  Below is the attached verdict.

Advertising on Lampposts – Refusal

I’ve just been informed that the advertising banners for Marsh Road have also been refused.


Twitter Q&A Session With Borough Commander Simon Rose

On 9th October 2018, Commander Simon Rose answered questions about the police merger.


The video responses by Simon Rose were uploaded to Twitter and have been recorded below. For those of you without a twitter account, a transcript of the questions and answers is attached below.

Transcript of Twitter Q & A session – 9th October 2018

Appeal against Refusal of Planning Consent to demolish West House Lodge and build a block of five flats:

The applicants have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate against Harrow Council’s refusal to grant planning consent for “West House Lodge”, a privately owned detached house on a plot that is totally surrounded by Pinner Memorial Park, to be demolished and a block of five flats to be constructed on the site (Harrow Council Planning reference P/0173/18/5419).

A letter concerning this Appeal is being/has been sent by Harrow Council to all those who previously objected to the planning application (Harrow Council planning reference P/0173/18).   All the previous objection letters written to Harrow Council Planning and the comments posted on the Harrow Council Planning website will be forwarded to the Planning Inspector so there is no need for additional letters to be written. 


Libraries Research Questionaire 2018

Now that the Harrow borough libraries are back under the council’s in-house control, they are conducting some research to help them understand how to shape the future of the borough’s library service.

Harrow Council state that they would like to continue to modernise the service and improve its digital offer. They also want to make sure that opening hours meet the needs of residents. Completing this questionnaire will help the council plan revised opening hours and library services. They wish to find out:

Understand a bit more about how people use the libraries
How to offer an efficient library service for years to come
Find out how much people know about what the libraries offer
Find out which other services people might be interested in using at libraries in the future

The link to this on-line consultation is:

question and the deadline for comments is 17th October.

Waxwell Lane Car Park – Film Base 4 October

We have received the following message from Harrow Council

Dear Sir / Madam

Apologies in advance for the short notice of this but this is to notify you that Waxwell Lane car park is being hired as a filming unit base on Thursday 4th October 2018. A commercial is being filmed (interior of a house) in a road nearby.

We have agreed that a row of bays in the car park will be made available to permit holders and disabled car users. The film company have also agreed to release bays if they are not in use during the day.

We do apologise for the inconvenience and we would advise members of the public to utilise the Chapel Lane car park as an alternative parking option.

Please do contact me should you wish to discuss, I’m happy to help.

Kind regards

Harrow Film Office

Harrow Council – Project to improve “Environment Section of Website”

Harrow Council has started a new project to improve the “Environment Section” of their website.  At the moment this project is in its infancy.

I have been informed that they will be looking to talk to Park User Groups to obtain their ideas and well as members of the public.

This project will take between one and two years before the changes go live.  At some stage they may request that “Joe Public” gets involved in the testing of this website.



Your Input Required!

If you were to change the music at the concerts in the Park that we organise – what would your ideal type of music be. The bands can’t cost a fortune as we can’t afford to spend too much.



  • Steel Bands
  • Jazz & Blues
  • Rock & Roll
  • Swing
  • Folk Music
  • Movie/Concert Music
  • Brass Bands
  • Bhangla/Bollywood
  • Other

Please leave a comment or email [email protected]